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Alaska Inspired Functional Clay Art

January 2017, I signed up for an introductory ceramics class to begin a new adventure in clay. It felt as though the clay and I had been friends for eternity, but we just needed to be introduced. You know how those friendships are - soul mates, twins, messy, fun and ready to play - making art. It's a continuous, joy filled adventure making functional art.

My inspiration comes from the earth and the Alaska mountains in Mother Nature's Cathedral of the Great Outdoors where I am gratefull to play many of my days.

Thank you for giving my pots a loving home.


“The challenge is to do the thing you have to do because you’re in love with it and can’t do anything else. Not because you want to become rich or famous but because you will be unhappy if you can’t do it.”
~ Warren MacKenzie, The Studio Potter, 1990

Gallery of recent work
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