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Hello, my name is Guadalupe Marroquin.  

     After a lifetime working, beginning at age 10 alongside my parents in our family restaurant, followed by my own career and retirement from public finance, budget analysis and running elections, I discovered art.
     My parents' immersion into the United States meant pausing our Mexican/Spanish traditions, except for the rich food sold in my family's restaurant. My adult life has been spent resurrecting as much as I can of my rich and humble personal heritage. 
     My clay pots are strong, tactile, earthy, and roughhewn. Anyone touching them can feel the comforting textures.
     October 2006, I made my first pinch pot with raw clay I dug from the banks of the Colorado River. I fired my pot in a campfire, not knowing how important clay would become, because making art was nowhere in my life. I had never even doodled.
     January 2017, at the age of 61, I made a sudden decision to take a beginning wheel throwing ceramics class. Today, I am a full-time potter, an emerging artist who has discovered and developed a new career creating unique, artful and functional clay pots.

I've loved the challenge of creating from other artists' scraps, and memorializing adventures with surface decoration. As a maker, I see my art as a rewarding personal experience that continues beyond me, through the enjoyment of the user.

     My journey is proof that anyone can experience the exhilaration and rewards of creative efforts and achievements. My pots serve as art forms that function fully in life. Through clay, it's my hope that I serve as a messenger showing that freedom, eager fervent study, daring courage, independence, and joyful irreverence can create a whole artist, beginning at any age. 

     I share a pottery studio with my fellow artist partner. We use mid range and low fire clays, and fire with a home built gas kiln.

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